What Are The Fees To Sell ?

In the state of Texas you can typically expect to pay 7%-9% in fees to sell your home. Some fees are fixed and some will vary. Many of the fees are percentages based on the sales price of the home. Every home seller really needs to know exactly what the sale will cost them, so we always prepare a net sheet for our clients. The net sheet will list every fee, expense or cost associate with the sale of your home, detail who receives the money and how much they receive. We want to make sure you know where every dollar goes.



  • Mortgage balance
  • Prepayment penalty (if exists)
  • Title Insurance
  • Taxes (in Texas Taxes are paid in arrears)
  • Transfer tax (is applicable)
  • Prorated items such as: HOA, water/sewer
  • Contract items as per negotiation; buyer's fees, appraisal, transfer fees, HOA etc.
  • Real Estate Brokerage Fees
  • Home Warranty