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Free Broker Consultation and Price Opinion

To price your home, we utilize our experience, knowledge and real-time market data from the multiple listing service (MLS). We then consider how homes are selling in your city, neighborhood and your neighborhood's sections. We offer many ways of finding out what your home is worth. You can learn more on our home value page.

Home Staging

Selling your home for the most money and in the least amount of time all comes down to preperation. You must make the needed repairs, update or replace outdated items, and deep clean the inside and outside of the home. We then stage your home to make sure your home is presented in the best possible light.

Custom Home Measurement and Floor Plan

For most properties, we'll have your home professionally measured as well as create a floor plan. This is a great way to ensure that the depicted square footage is accurate. This is one of the many services we provide that most agents do not.

Professional Photography

Professional photography is something we strongly believe in. To us, that means bringing in one of the best photographers in the region (we work with 2-3 tried and true professionals). Our photographers don't use their iPhones, aren't the agents themselves taking the photos, and aren't in and out of the home in 15 minutes. It's easy to see the difference in our work versus most.

Drone Photography

Drone photography allows for beautiful overhead shots of your home that can't be taken with traditional photography and shows characteristics of your lot that might otherwise be missed. This is not suitable for all homes but worth considering when possible.

Magazine-Quality Home Brochures

We create beautiful brochures to be placed inside your residence. Our goal is for buyers to pick one up and take with them to be reminded of how lovely your home was and some of the more important details. Without these, they may forget some or even all aspects of your home, especially if they've seen several others that day. It's one more way that we work to make your home stand out among the others.

Facebook Marketing/Digital Advertising

Targeted digital marketing on Facebook is something we do over and beyond what your typical real estate firm will do. We like to place enticing ads in front of likely home buyers and current homeowners within a certain number of miles of your home. This creates a buzz, gives you added exposure and increased the likelihood that we'll get your home sold fast and at a higher price.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

The local MLS (multiple listing service) is THE main database of real estate listings in our local market. It is crucial that your home is listed here because once listed on the MLS, it then trickles to sites all over the region and country.

YouTube Video

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world behind Google. We will post a video of your home on our YouTube channel for easy sharing or for consumers to find naturally.

Custom Listing Website

For each listing, we create a dedicated property website with an easy to remember domain name (ex: www.1234YourHomeAddress.com). This gives potential buyers an easy way to find your home online and increases direct buyer traffic to your listing. 

Syndication across Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, and National Portals

We want your home listing to be seen by as many prospective home buyers as possible. To do that, we need to go to where they're at. Besides the local company real estate firm websites like www.TheLivingWellTeam.com, home shoppers also frequent popular national portals like Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia and a few others. 

Your Home Listing Placed on Local Real Estate Company Websites

When your home is listed with us, we'll also make sure it's listed on every company website around. We allow other companies to advertise their listings on our website and they agree to showcase our properties on their websites. So, you're getting full exposure across the board.

Eye-Catching For Sale sign

For Sale signs were the first form of advertising homes for sale and are still effective today. Our signs, however, are bright and colorful and represent quality. We don't shortchange anything, even down to our distinguishable real estate sign panels and white posts.

Central Showing Service

We use a centralized showing service called "Showing Time" to facilitate showings of your home. Buyers agents go through this service to request appointments to see your home based on your instructions. We can track showings and feedback, manage various things through their app, and simply make it easier to get your home shown.

Electronic Lockbox

We use electronic lockboxes on all of our listings. These lockboxes track every agent who comes into your home even down to how long they were there. These make for an added layer of safety as well as a professional means of entry for those with appointments.

Expert Negotiations

Having a professional negotiator to represent you is not just a saying, it is an actual designation. Our primary listing agent is a certified negotiations expert (CNE) and you reap the benefits when selling with us. Don't be fooled, there is a huge difference between an amateur and a professional. A faster sale, less stress and a more pleasant experience when navigating a difficult negotiaiton experience are the benefits to you.

A Smooth Closing

The time has arrived to close on the sale of your home! This is what we all have been working so hard to achieve on your behalf. We are experts at solving problems, fixing issues or resolving conflicts that may arise at the last minute. This ensures you have a stress free move and not a panic attack.

Now it is time for you to follow our closing checklist so you can have a 'smooth move'.


Are you ready to get started?

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