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Why join The LivingWell Team.

At LivingWell Properties, we focus on you! Every agent is at a different point in their career and has different needs. We help you achieve your goals through world-class coaching, business development, implementing systems, and lead generation techniques. Let's get started on the new you today!

  • Relax.
    It's just work.

    We make work fun! We usually combine food, fun and education at all our agent events. We all have to work, so why not enjoy it?

  • Party Time!

    How long has it been since you went to a costume party? Well, that's too long! We work hard, and we play hard too! Part of a balanced life is taking some time to celebrate and enjoy your success.

  • We are local experts.

    Clients no longer want just any agent; they want someone local. We teach you techniques to become local experts and provide your clients with world-class service. Let the other agents serve all of DFW. You can thrive by focusing on your hyper-local market.

  • Leads, Conversions & Closings.

    Yes, we provide leads. Actually thousands of them, but honestly, what good are they if you can't convert them? We have the most advanced lead conversion software currently available. Why grind out the dreaded morning phone calls, when you can let our systems do the work and only focus on the highly motivated leads?

  • World-Class Coaching.

    Brent is a national real estate teacher and coach with Club Wealth. He provides extensive real estate training, real estate consulting, and real estate coaching for high-producing agents all over the United States, as well as each of our agents in a weekly private coaching session.

  • Learn New Construction.

    We teach our agents how to leverage new construction in their business and for their clients. Brent has developed an exclusive system of working with the sales staff, builders and leveraging video to serve the interests of our clients better.

Don't just survive.. Thrive!
( Are you ready to be LivingWell? )

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