Is A Home Inspection Necessary?

Although a home may look great to you, there can be structural or other problems that are not visible to the naked or untrained eye. This makes obtaining an inspection a very important part of your home buying experience. Although a home inspection is not required, it is a good idea and strongly recommended!

What Does An Inspector Do?

The function of the inspector is to check the safety of your potential new home. You would not want to bring your family into a home that was not safe would you? The inspector will focus on the structure, but if there is damage beyond their expertise, he will suggest an engineer’s report.

The Inspector does not evaluate whether or not you are getting a good deal on your new home. His purpose is to check on the electrical system, the plumbing and waste disposal available, the water heater, the insulation and ventilation, and the HVAC system. He will also check the foundation including doors, windows, ceilings, walls, floors, and the roof. Water source and quality inspection is done only on rural properties that have a well and/or septic tank. Typically a water specialist will perform these tests.

Home Inspection Limitations. It is also important to note an inspector has limitations of expertise. Typically an inspector will have a strong general knowledge of many things, but he will not be a specialist of all fields. If something looks amiss he will suggest a more specific inspection be done by a more qualified vendor.

If your home inspector happens to discover a serious problem, a more specific Inspection may be recommended. He will indicate what type of inspection it needs. It is a good idea to have your potential new home inspected for the presence of a variety of health-related risks like radon, asbestos and mold. Other possible problems could be with the water or waste disposal system, presence of expansive soils, poor drainage around the foundation. 

Is It Worth The Money?

We cannot emphasize enough the value and necessity of an extensive home inspection. Many home purchasers, either in the desire to save the money that a good inspection costs, or due to simple ignorance, have spent enormous sums of money repairing items that any good home inspector would have pointed out. Do not let anyone dissuade you from having the property thoroughly inspected!

When your inspector discovers unsatisfactory conditions you can request the seller to repair/replace items. During this negotiation, the seller has a specific time frame to decide if he can or wants to do any or all the buyers requests. If the buyer and seller cannot come to an agreement of terms, the buyer can decline to purchase the home.