McKinney Zoning Maps

McKinney ISD School District Map

McKinney Zoning Maps

The McKinney ISD board of trustees approved a new zoning map. This whole process started due to Boyd being at capacity. McKinney High School was recently updated to a tune of 46 million and now has more capacity for students. The plan has been reviewed multiple times and town hall meetings have allowed residents to voice their concerns.

Many parents voiced concern over neighborhood kids getting split up. Some kids would go to one high school and one to another. The desire to keep kids in a neighborhood at the same school was strongly supported.

Update: McKinney now uses an interactive map based on a street address.

You can find the new zoning map here.

Zone Maps

Elementary Zone Map

Last Zoned in Fall 2010

Click here for map (.pdf).

Middle School Zone Map

Last Zoned in Fall 2015

Click here for map (.pdf).

High School Zone Map

Last Zoned in 2014

Click here for map (.pdf).

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