Frisco Zoning Maps

Frisco ISD Zoning Map

You can find the new zoning map here. 

Frisco is notorious for fast growth and awesome schools. The trend continues, but the 2017-2018 school year will fail to see them open any new campuses. Since 1995, there have only been four school years that Frisco ISD has not opened at least one new campus. The district decided to delay the opening of four new schools until next year. The delay will save the district more than $15 million dollars. This was mainly due to voters rejecting a property tax increase. The district decided to make smaller changes to its campus attendance, instead of radically altering the attendance maps. Many kids are still going to be upset with not going to the same school or the school their friends attend, but this is what residence of Frisco ISD have come to expect. The district currently has 55,993 students and is still growing. Expect a larger-scale rezoning coming in 2018-19. That's when Memorial High School, Lawler Middle School and Talley and Liscano elementary schools will open.

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