Building a Highland Home at Cambridge Crossing Celina, Tx

Nicole's clients recently signed a contract with Highland Homes at Cambridge Crossing in Celina Texas. This blog post is being written to document their experience with Highland and to show the public what you might expect if you build with them.

If you're in the market for a new home, you may be wondering if it's better to build or buy. Both have their pros and cons, but depending on your specific circumstances, building may be the best option. If you're thinking about building a home, bookmark this post and keep checking back. We will be updating the post every week with the homes progress.

Part 1 - Preparing For The Foundation

Trenching The Foundation


If you're building a new home, one of the first things your builder will do is trench the foundation. This is where they dig a trench and bury the footings that will support your home's foundation. The crew will typically use a piece of equipment that looks like a 4-wheeler with a massive chain saw on the front.

They dig trenches for buried pipes, footers or piers for the concrete and various other items. Once done, they need to move quickly or a sudden rain storm can force a delay and cause them to hand dig out the trenches.

Form Boards

Form boards are the first material to be set onto a homes foundation. They provide the boundary for the cement, and must be level and square.

In order to make sure that a form board is level, the crew uses a straight edge. They check for level by using a torpedo level or laser level. Once it is in place, they use stakes and wooden string lines to secure it in place. They make sure that the form board is square by checking its diagonals; each should be equal in length. If they aren't, they must adjust the position of the form board until they are. They finally, attach braces along the top and bottom.

Watch The Cambridge Crossing Model Home Tours

Highland Homes - 74s
- 74' wide lots - 19 floor plans - starting at $700k
Highland Homes - 50s
- Artesian Series - 50' wide lots - 12 floor plans - Starting at $475k
Perry Homes - 50s
- 50' wide lots - From the $500s - 1,900 - 3,200 square feet - 1-2 story homes

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