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Britton Homes is building some of the freshest floorplans around and many of the best ones are located in Star Trail. These homes located in Prosper's newest luxury community are sure to please with their large stately lots and amazing finish out. 

Britton Homes is now selling in Star Trail! Home plans start at the $570's on 76' lots and consist of 3 - 5 Beds | 3.5 - 5.5 Baths | 3 Car Garages | 2,800 - 4,900 Square Feet

The family room in the Britton Model at Star Trail Prosper Tx

The family room in the Britton Model at Star Trail Prosper Tx

The den in the Britton Model at Star Trail Prosper Tx

The dining room in the Britton Model at Star Trail Prosper Tx

The master bedroom in the Britton Model at Star Trail Prosper Tx

The back porch in the Britton Model at Star Trail Prosper Tx

The back yard in the Britton Model at Star Trail Prosper Tx


Building A Britton Home In Star Trail Video Series

Building A Britton Home In Star Trail - Trenching The Foundation
Come along with us as we build a home at Star Trail in Prosper Texas for our clients. We are building a stunning home on a cul-de-sac lot for the Roma family.
Building A Britton Home In Star Trail - Just Getting Started
We are proud to have been selected to help build this beautiful Britton Home in Star Trail.
Building A Britton Home In Star Trail - Blueprints
We just got the blueprints in from design and they have been approved by the city.
Building A Britton Home In Star Trail - Dirt
Well we have a SOLD sign and a chunk of dirt. We will not see any action for another week or two at a minimum. Once the blueprints are back from the city, we can start trenching and benching the lot. Once we get approval to build the home in Star Trail we will see a great deal of activity in a short time. I know its hard, but try to be patient. We should see them start in a week or two.
Building A Britton Home In Star Trail - Waiting
We had so much rain over the weekend that I couldn't even get out to film. The good news is your lot drains pretty well even without the builder grading it. We are waiting for the town of Prosper to get us the blueprints back and approved. Once we get the lot trenched, benched, and pipes in the town inspector will approve it and we can pour cement. Once we pour cement we will see work happening very quickly...
Building A Britton Home - Digging Maybe
We still have dirt! Anita the sales associate says we should have permits next week. They will NOT pre-bench the dirt. They will wait until they have permits in hand. Once the permits are in, the builder Brody will have his crew in 7-10 days working on the site. They are doing tons of landscaping activity before spring hits. The pool and activity center will be done soon. Maybe next Friday we will have permits.
Building A Britton Home - Dirt Again
Man it was windy on the Britton homes job site and we are still waiting on the construction commitment packet. We are still looking at 7-10 days before we start moving dirt. Hopefully in a week or two we should be moving dirt and making progress...
Building A Britton Home - Digging In 2 Weeks
Anita our sales person says we will be trenching in 2 weeks. The grass is growing on the build site, so we are officially in Spring. I know this has felt like forever to get going. Once we start moving dirt, the home will feel like it is going up quickly. I heard about your price increase and we should see another 2 or 3 before we close. You are already making money on the home due to appreciation and price increases. The pool and amenity center are almost done and I asked you to trust me. I was vision ca
Building A Britton Home - Wind & Dirt
Rain, Rain, Rain please go away. I could not talk with Anita this am, but next week we are going to be digging dirt. Houses are popping up all over Star Trail and the progress is rapid. The Britton model home at Star Trail should be done soon. It is always fun to see other homes getting finished, since it gives you an idea of how your home will look. Let's hope the rain lets up so we can get started moving dirt next week.
Building A Britton Home - Digging Next Week
Still got dirt, I am a broken record here. I am so ready to move dirt and we are scheduled to do so next week. If it doesnt happen, then there was a delay on scheduling. Hopefully we are past all the delays in getting started. Gabe and I spoke on the phone for quiet a while about the build job and I think everyone is getting excited about the home. We just can't wait to see some activity...
Building A Britton Home - Permits Are In
I believe we will actually break ground this week if the rain lets up. I was speaking with Anita and Brody and they both felt we should be ready to go. Once they put in the form boards we will be ablet to visualize where the home will go. I believe I have found the property line boundary and the yard size is awesome. The next steps is for trenching, benching, pipes, trash cans and son on...
Building A Britton Home - Pre-Digging
It rained today and we have yet another thunderstorm coming in. I am shocked we have not started digging yet, but the weather has been rough. I am standing in a thunderstorm holding a metal pole, so thats fun... We are super ready to start moving dirt, but man this has been a long time coming. Be patient and we will get dirt turned over pretty soon. This is our rainy season so its normal. We will work the foundation in between rain showers. The neighborhood has moved forward quickly. So many homes are com
Building A Britton Home - Site Walk
Today is an awesome day. We visit the job site in Star Trail with our builder Brady and walk the lot and get a feel for how the home will be laid out. We aquired a massive cul-de-sac lot in Star Trail. The home is a large one story home with a massive family or great room. The Britton home my clients selected will fit beautifully on this amazing lot next to the park. I love how Britton does the site walk with the clients. This is something that I have not seen with any other production builder!
Building A Britton Home - Trenching The Foundation
The crew is trenching the lot as I am filming. This is one of the first parts to creating the foundation of the home. This is a great day, since we are now off to the races and getting the foundation started!
Building A Britton Home - Trenching The Foundation (Rain Delay)
The rough outs are in, the plumbing is in, and the trenching is all but done. We got nailed by rain AGAIN. You had asked about the backyard and it is not properly marked on the job site. It is actually deeper than show. The side yard is huge. I am sporting our new LivingWell Team hot pink shirts for our summer build job series.
Building A Britton Home - Framing
Its build job Friday with no rain!!! Of course it is windy, but we have some exciting news. The framing has started and we have walls up. Check out the stacks of lumber that are used in the creation of your new home. Gabe had asked me to check the depth of the backyard. I think they have not finished grading it yet, so it should be bigger than it appears. We have about 4 more days for the framing to be finished. We are thrilled that the framing has started!!!
Building A Britton Home - HVAC Ducting
Britton Homes is currently installing the HVAC ductwork in the home. They are also installing the water pipes in the walls which is part of the mechanical roughout process. The gas and wiring will also be installed in the walls prior to the next city inspection. Once all the pipes are in the walls we can have our pre-drywall inspection performed by our home inspector. We highly recommend a multiple phase home inspection performed by an independent home inspector. Every time I walk the property I keep thin
Building A Britton Home - Mechanical Roughout
We are currently waiting on the town of Prosper to inspect the wiring, plumbing and other items that are run through the walls and know as the "mechanical roughout". Once we receive our green tag we can proceed with the insulation in the walls and then the drywall. Our home inspector did the pre-drywall phase of the home inspection (we highly recommend a multi-phase home inspection) and it was very, very clean. Looking forward to a well built home from Britton Homes Texas.
Building A Britton Home - Mechanical Inspection
We just passed our mechanical roughout inspection from the city of Prosper. This consists of the electrical, plumbing and gas runs in the foundation, walls and ceiling as well as the HVAC runs. The next step is to insulate the walls and drywall them. We then add the drywall to the ceiling and then blow in the shredded insulation that goes in the attic.

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