The Best Prosper Dentist

Dr. Travis Campbell

Now that is a pretty bold statement to make right? Well we love our family dentist that much and I will bet you a cup of coffee you will love "Doc Travis" too. Officially his name is Dr. Travis Campbell and he owns 380 Family Dentistry. He and his awesome office team have been working together for years in Prosper. They recently moved just down Hwy 380 a little further into an amazingly beautiful new office.

Dr. Travis and I have been friends for years and we even built his home in Prosper. We also had the honor of helping his mom and dad purchase a home. So I can safely say that my family knows and loves his family. So it's important for friends and families to celebrate happy and exciting times. So Deb decided we should buy the office lunch and that is just what we did.

Congrats Doc Travis and team, we love you guys!!!

-Brent & Deb Wells

the best prosper dentist

the best prosper dentist just got a new office

the crew of the best prosper dentist

the new office

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