Jay Sephus
A Frisco resident of 5 years, Jay Sephus is known as a passionate hard working young man. Since moving to DFW to live on his own at age 18, he has been no stranger to hard work beginning his working career as a BMW master mechanic at age 19, before going back to school to gain a finance degree. Since then, he became introduced to real estate through the investment side, flipping and wholesaling properties before becoming a real estate agent. He then doubled down on learning and becoming the best agent he can be, bringing a plethora of knowledge from wholesaling & building homes, to majoring in finance. Jay Sephus is skilled in negotiating, problem solving, researching and customer satisfaction. 
When not working, he enjoys playing the piano, reading, out enjoying live entertainment like stage plays, open mics or music concerts. He also values spending time with family and friends or catching up on the latest Netflix shows.