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Looking for the best McKinney agent?

3 Big Reasons Why McKinney Home Sellers Say The LivingWell Team has the Best McKinney Agents.

Reason 1: Proven Results

In 2018, we sold our homes in an average of 48 days and for 99.6% of list price. Let's face it, the only reason you hire a top McKinney agent is to get your home SOLD. You are not hiring us for conversation abilities, winning good looks or snappy attire, you are hiring us for RESULTS and our numbers prove that we get you those RESULTS!

Reason 2: Our Guarantee

We are confident that we can deliver excellent service and results. Because of this, we write the following into every listing agreement: "Seller may cancel this listing at any time, at no charge." We guarantee that you maintain control of your listing, with zero risk of being locked into a long-term listing agreement with an agent/broker who isn't performing. We believe any broker/agent should be willing to write this clause into their listing agreement.

Reason 3: We Are Different!

A dog licking an ice cream cone? On a real estate site?

You bet, because it makes you react. It makes you remember. It may even cause you to connect with us. Its the same way we market homes. We use innovative marketing from person to person followup on sign calls to the most advanced geo-fencing and video targeting.

You may not remember our name, but you will remember a dog licking an ice cream cone...