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We believe that you deserve better…better service, better marketing, better results. And we’re on a mission to make sure you get it. Who you hire to sell your home matters! Our Exclusive Home Selling System gives our clients a distinct home selling advantage over the competition. From pricing to home staging to inspiring photography & video, our marketing has repeatedly driven buyers to desire our listings above others.

1. Previewing Your Home Previewing Your Home

Visiting your home is the first step to properly evaluate and price your home. So many agents miss this critical step. We believe there is no way to properly price a home without "boots on the ground" to see what makes your home unique and not just a statistic.

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Home Value Consultation Home Value Consultation 

Going beyond the typical Comparative Market Analysis guarantees a realistic and accurate price is established. We achieve this by reviewing market trends, interest rates, neighborhood indicators and the overall hotness factor of your neighborhood.

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Home Value Consultation Staging Your Home

Standing out from the crowd starts with repairs, updates and staging. The adage of "you only get one chance to make a first impression" is so true in real estate. We believe in having everything perfect before we go live. Being the "average" home is easy, "standing out" takes knowledge, insight and effort.

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Home Staging


Home Value Consultation Presenting Your Home

The way to advertise or present a home has changed. Gone are the days of paper flyers, postcards and door knocking. Welcome to the age of the internet, smartphones and big data. Digital advertising consists of preparing the home and then capturing the beauty of the home in photographsvideo, and interactive media. After creating all this amazing media, we need to find it a home. We reserve your home's address as a URL and then build a website just for your house and present all this amazing digital media in one beautiful package.

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Home Value Consultation Marketing Your Home

Now we take all our hard-work and use it in advertisements featuring your home. Your home will appear on virtually every real estate website on the internet. Now that your home is visible, we present your home to specific people via retargeting and advertising. It is digital advertising that knows what people have expressed a desire to live in your neighborhood. These ads actually seem to follow a potential seller across youtube, Facebook and other sites. It might seem like digital stalking, but there is no denying the power of it to sell your home.


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