Building A Home In North Texas

Considering building a New Home? Remember our services are FREE

You're timing couldn't be better. As the real estate market has seen an extreme tightening of inventory in the North Texas Real Estate market, new construction has really taken off. A huge benefit to building is avoiding the "multiple offer craziness" of buying a pre-owned home. With new construction you can avoid all that tension.

We are certified New Home Construction Specialists. We advise our clients on how to get the most home for the least money. We also advise you on lot selection, the best floor plan and the upgrades that will make you money when you sell. A huge benefit is we visit with the builder and walk the job site every Friday to keep an eye on things. Everything we do for our clients is designed to eliminate stress, ensure a great home and let you enjoy a fun and exciting process.

* Be sure and check our blog for articles on our local builders and neighborhoods. We call it Model Home Monday.

We stand with you We Are With You

We are with you all the way, from finding an amazing neighborhood to picking out the right builder.

 Signing Day on a new build job in texas

Selecting the dirt It’s Not Just Dirt

Lot selection is one way that we protect your interests. There is a huge difference between lots. Certain lots will provide a serene backyard environment, have amazing views and plenty of room. Other lots in the same neighborhood or even next door might provide nothing, but road noise.

Pick the right lot when building a new home

Playing in mud Playing In Mud

Mud = concrete. Concrete keeps your home solid and stable. It’s the firm foundation of your dream home. Do you know the difference in foundation types? Do you know what makes a good foundation? Are you familiar with Geo-Technical reports? Do you understand soil reactivity levels and composite soil types and how to amend them? If you answered no, that’s ok, we do.

Pouring a foundation on a new home in texas

Sticks and bricks Sticks and Bricks

Deb always says: “It’s just sticks and bricks ’til a family makes it a home….” Words to both live by and keep in mind as we progress through building your forever home. We walk every build job on Fridays to make sure everything is right. It’s a great way to let the builders know we are keeping an eye on them and they need to stay on their toes. The squeaky wheel syndrome really works.

Framing a new texas home

Building the walls We Have Walls

The build has progressed in a seemingly fast pace up to this point. Now comes all the detail work in the home and this is when mistakes can happen. We protect you, by walking the build job every week.

Drywall in a new texas home

Finished construction Finishing Up

Now this jig saw puzzle of 50,000 parts is really starting to look like home. The detail work is underway and you can officially start getting excited. We still have a couple of months to go, but it will fly by. You can expect to see walls, landscaping, and appliances all going in soon.

A new home almost completed in texas with a pond

The home is finished Done & Done !

The home has been completed according to the contract. You took our advice and had a home inspector perform a three phase inspection to ensure the builder did everything right. We are off to closing where we will exchange money for keys. Now enjoy your beautiful new home and call us if you need anything. It has been our honor and privilege to help you and your family. Thanks again!

Closing day for a new texas home